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The Roof Doctor

We offer roof repair services in all of Melbourne. We serve the entire city, including the northern suburbs and western suburbs as well as the eastern and southern suburbs. We can fix any problem with your roof. For a free consultation and quote, all you need to do is call us. Below is a list of the services we offer:

Roof repairs

We specialize in general roof repairs. Our years of experience in the industry mean that we are able to perform all types of repairs on any type of roof. We take quality of workmanship very seriously. Because we understand how important it can be to have a roof in good condition, we are committed to delivering the highest standard. Our friendly and professional team of roofers will deliver on time.

The Roof Doctor

The Roof Doctor

Repairs to tile roofs

Many roofs in Melbourne use tiles as a choice of material. Although tiles look great, there are many things that can go wrong and will need to be repaired. Re-pointing and re-bedding are two common repairs for tile roofs. Another is cleaning up moss buildup.

Roof leak repairs

A leaky roof can cause serious damage and even lead to death. It is important to have your roof checked immediately if you discover a leak. Roof leaks can cause structural damage that can lead to roof collapse or increased leakage. If you have a roof leak, give us a shout and we’ll help you fix it.

Slate roof repairs

We can repair any slate roof. Slate roofs are generally quite durable, but they can be vulnerable if they aren’t properly fitted or weather damage is allowed to penetrate through. Over time, the nails used to hold the slates in their place can become brittle and cause damage to the roof. Extreme storms can cause slate roofs to be damaged by shifting the slates and exposing them to weather damage. We are experts in slate roof repairs and can provide free consultations and estimates.