What is roof restoration?

What is roof restoration?

Roof restoration is an important project for many Australian homeowners. The process involves cleaning, repairing, repainting, or re-coating a roof. Roof restoration works for all types of roods, including concrete tile, terracotta tile, galvanised iron, and colorbond roofs. 

Restoration allows people to upgrade, clean, repair, and rejuvenate their residential or commercial property’s roofs. Although restoration works with all roof types, people with concrete tiles, metal, and pre-painted steel roofs can get the most of the project. 

It is crucial to hire a qualified, licensed, skilled contractor with many years of experience for a restoration project. Full restoration work requires the roofer to clean and remove lichen, repair or re-mortar, repoint, or re-flash the roof, replace the damaged sheets or tiles, and apply a coat to restore its appearance. 

Advantages of Roof Restoration 

Research highlights that applying a colour coating system along with the restoration can improve the roof’s aesthetic appearance, enhance its function, and prolong its overall lifespan. Let us now discuss the benefits of roof restoration in detail. Read on! 

Reliability and Affordability 

The roof repair project is much more reliable and affordable than the replacement project for homeowners in Australia. Unlike roof replacement that requires a lot of prep work, a roof restoration project lets you achieve the same results efficiently, reliably, and quickly without spending more money. 

On the other hand, a roof replacement project can cost a lot of money, especially the material prices and labour expenses. It requires removing the existing roof and then installing the new one, which takes a lot of time. 

Depending on the roof you want to install, the replacement project can cost you between AUD 18 and AUD 22 per square foot. In contrast, restoration requires less material and labour, costing an average of AUD 6 and AUD 9 per square foot. 

Prolonged Overall Roof Life 

Not only does restoration improve your roof’s structural integrity, but it also extends its lifespan. Generally, a roof has an overall lifespan of 18-20 years. However, you can add more than 10 or 15 years of life to your roof by carrying out a restoration project. Make sure you hire a highly experienced contractor to streamline the entire process and achieve the desired results. 

Reduced Risk of Damages in the Future 

If you have failed to maintain your roof for several years and contractors want to replace it with a new one, stop and think for a moment! You can restore your roof instead of replacing it with a new one. 

Besides, if you are worried about the damages, bear in mind that the roof restoration project will mitigate the risk of acute and chronic problems in the future. So, it is better to carry out a roof restoration project immediately without further delays. Otherwise, it will undergo catastrophic damages and put your house’s condition in danger.  

Final Words 

Restoration is an excellent way to rejuvenate your roof without spending a lot of money. However, you must determine whether your roof needs restoration, repair, or replacement. Although you can perform a simple visual inspection, we recommend hiring a professional to thoroughly check the roof and figure out whether it needs restoration. 

The roofer will look for various things, including standing water, bubbles or tears in the roof cover, gaps in flashing and cracks in seams, wet insulation, etc. There are a few problems that can quickly damage your roof. Once confirmed, you can hire qualified roof restoration services to achieve your goals. 





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