How to repair roof tiles

How to repair roof tiles

A highly-quality roof is constructed with robust and durable materials, protecting your home’s construction and structural integrity. Tile roofs are famous for their aesthetically pleasing appearance, durability, and longevity. However, roof tiles can undergo various problems and damages. 

For example, cracking and breaking are significant problems associated with tiles. When roof tiles undergo breakage, it is crucial to repair them on time to avoid further damages. A professional roofer has extensive knowledge, experience, and the right tools to get the job done adequately, quickly, and affordably. 

Harsh weather conditions, such as wind, rain, heat, snow, and debris falling over the roof can damage the tiles. The good news is that you can hire a professional roofer to repair, adjust, or replace the tiles. Remember, the cost of repairing roof tiles depends on various factors, including the type of damage, the number of broken tiles, and the roofer’s charges. 

The most common problems with roof tiles are minor cracks and holes, broken tiles, defects, accumulation of debris in the roof valley, and harsh weather conditions. Today’s article will discuss the repairing of roof tiles. Read on! 

The Repair Process 

Many homeowners try to fix or repair roof tiles themselves, which can be dangerous. A professional roofer has the right tools and safety gear to perform the task reliably, safely, and quickly. 

The roofer knows the exact type of roof tiles required for replacement. Otherwise, a misfit can lead to further damage. Remember, you must replace the roof tile if it is irreparable. On the other hand, a temporary repair is necessary if the roof tiles do not require replacement. Let us now tell you how to repair small holes and cracks in the roof repairs

How to Repair Holes and Cracks in the Roof Tiles? 

A professional roofer follows a step-by-step approach to repair cracks or holes in the roof tiles. The process starts with scrubbing the tile area using a quality wire brush. The purpose is to ensure the roofing cement bonds property. 

Therefore, it is crucial to clean the problematic area by removing dirt, dust, and debris. If there is any residual water, the roofer removes it and lets it dry, ensuring proper bonding of the patching. 

Next, the roofer fills the holes and cracked areas using plastic roofing cement. Depending on the extent of the damage, the professional may also use silicone caulk because this material can improve durability and make the tiles long-lasting. 

Once the roofer has filled the gaps, cracks, or holes, it is time to seal them. Smoothening is crucial using a trowel, ensuring proper placement of the cement. That way, the adhesive hardens for bonding efficiently and quickly. 

How to Repair Broken Roof Tiles?

Repairing broken roof tiles is even more complicated than filling gaps and holes. That’s why we recommend hiring an experienced roofer to carry out the task efficiently and prevent the risk of further damages. 

The roofer pries up the tiles above the cracked ones and implements safety measures to prevent damages. Next, the repairman uses a flat pry bar to lift the broken tile and uses a hammer or flat bar to break the defective tile. The roofer then forces the nails with it and eliminates them using a flat bar. 

Moreover, the roofer spreads a small amount of cement along the replacement’s underside and then slides the new tile into the place. Remember, a professional roofer does not use nails during the tile replacement. Instead, the roofer uses adhesives to hold the tiles. The last step is to press the tiles down and align them properly. 





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