How to repair felt roof

How to repair felt roof

A felt roof is an excellent covering option for flat roofs in Australia. Most homeowners prefer a felt roof because it protects the roof’s structural integrity and increases its lifespan. A felt roof is also very affordable compared to other options available on the market. Thoroughly maintaining your felt roof can improve its overall lifespan. 

Research shows that the roofing felt is vulnerable to the sun’s UV rays, extreme temperatures, and harsh weather conditions. A timely repair is essential to avoid long-term damages and prolong the roof life. So, how to repair a felt roof? Here is the answer! 

Use a Liquid Rubber Membrane 

Increased moisture levels accumulated underneath the roof surface can cause bubbles in the felt roof repairs melbourne eastern suburbs. A high temperature can expand the bubbles and lift the felt away from the roof. Although you can repair this problem yourself, we recommend hiring a professional roofer to avoid complications. 

A professional roofer usually uses a liquid rubber membrane with high durability properties, allowing it to blend property with the felt roof. The roofer may use the membrane with mineral chips to further strengthen the bond. This method is effective and achieves an invisible repair, but it is also easier to apply than other materials. 

The procedure requires the roofer to cut out the damaged felt area, clean the space, and pour the liquid rubber. Once done, the professional sprinkle over the mineral chips to get the job done. 

Use a Filler to fix the issue of Ponding Water 

Check your roof after heavy rain and if there are any signs of ponding water, make sure you resolve the issue immediately. Otherwise, it will cause leaks, damage the roof structure, and affect its function. 

Although you can even out the dips on your felt roof using the leveling compounds, it is a daunting and time-consuming task. On the other hand, you can hire a professional roofer with years of experience and the right tools to, such a high-quality filler to top coat and fix the problem. 

Recoating is the Key 

Sometimes the damages caused by harsh weather conditions are irreparable and require homeowners to recoat the entire roof instead of using a liquid rubber membrane with mineral chips. Recoating your felt flat roof is an excellent protection option. 

Make sure you choose a quality liquid rubber felt coating or hire a professional to give you recommendations. We suggest using a two-coat system with a quality fabric embedded into the coating. 

The purpose is to mitigate the risk of damages caused by UV rays and prevent leaks. Besides, you can use a coating with a breathable film to prevent moisture accumulation under the coating. 

That way, you can waterproof your felt roof and increase its overall lifespan. Hiring a professional roofer is directly proportional to getting the most out of this project. Contact us today for quality and affordable, felt roof repair. 





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