How to repair a metal roof

How to repair a metal roof

A metal roof is an excellent choice for Australian homeowners to increase their property’s resale value. Research shows that a metal roof can increase house value by 6% more than an asphalt shingled roof. 

In addition, you can recoup over 85% of your cost on the metal roof. Although metal roofs are durable and reliable, they can undergo damages if not appropriately maintained. Corrosion on your metal roof occurs if you have failed to coat the underside correctly. 

Consequently, the water accumulates and locks between the panel and the insulation. Bear in mind this corrosion can weaken the roof panels and experience damages the inside out over time. 

Moreover, a metal roof is vulnerable to scratching and scuffing, oil canning, chalking, fading, and leaks. So, how to repair a metal roof and prevent the risk of these problems in the future? Here is everything you need to know! 

The Repair Process 

Experts recommend replacing the entire section of your roof if the extent of the damage is considerable. Likewise, avoid carrying out the project yourself because the lack of experience and unavailability of tools can further damage your metal roof. 

On the other hand, hiring a skilled roofer with experience in fixing metal roofs is wise. Here is how a professional roofer carries out the task. Continue reading! 

Identify Holes and Rust Patches 

Hiring a professional roofer can efficiently, reliably, and quickly repair your metal roof. The process starts by looking for loose nails on the roof. The roofer will pull the nails and re-nail them properly using high-quality tools. 

It is crucial to identify rust patches and holes in the roof. The roofer uses a wire brush or steel wool to remove the rust, followed by priming the surface using a quality primer. In addition, the roofer coats the top, ensuring it matches the roof’s colour. 

Seal up Leaks 

A professional roofer uses various ways to seal up leaks, depending on the extent of the damage. For instance, the professional may use urethane roof cement to protect the material from the sun’s UV rays. A plastic or asphalt cement is not suitable for a metal roof. 

Next, the roofer will spread the urethane cement over the holes, cracks, or other damaged areas using a putty knife. Another way to seal up the leaks is by using the self-stick flashing membrane with waterproofing properties. 

Whether you use a waterproof flashing membrane or urethane roof cement, it will deteriorate over time if not appropriately maintained. Sometimes the damages are irreparable, causing you to replace the material. 

Perform resealing and replace flashing 

Experts recommend resealing all edges and seams along the flashing to strengthen your metal roof. It is crucial to use urethane roofing cement to enhance structural integrity and prevent the risk of damages in the future. Moreover, the roofer will replace the flashing if it has undergone severe damages. 

Final Words 

Metal roofs are highly durable and resistant to harsh weather and environmental conditions. It can withstand rust, contraction, expansion of the metal, and storm damage. However, a metal roof requires immediate repair to prevent minor issues from turning into major complications. If you have a metal roof that needs repair or maintenance, contact us today for quality services. 



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