How to repair a leaking roof from the inside

How to repair a leaking roof from the inside

A roof can undergo various problems for different reasons. Ineffective installation, poor maintenance, and extreme weather condition can cause holes, cracks, and other damages, such as rotten and broken shingles, clogged gutters, slowly drained downspouts, broken vents, and chimneys, etc. 

In addition to these problems, a broken flashing, faulty skylight, leaking exhaust, and damaged shingles can cause leaks. Although it is much easier to identify the exterior damages and develop a repair plan, most people find it challenging to repair a leaking roof repairs melbourne eastern suburbs from the inside. Today’s article will help you fix a roof from the inside. Read on! 

Accessing the Leaky Part 

Go to your attic and access the source of the leak in your roof. We always recommend homeowners hire a professional roofer to streamline the entire process. An experienced roofer has the right tools to get the job done professionally and safely. 

Accessing the leak source requires the roofer to remove the insulated wall from the drywall’s panel. The purpose is to remove the standing water using high-quality liquid-absorbing sponges. The roofer then places a piece of plywood in the ceiling and uses various tools to remove the water. 

Find the source of the leak by tracing the path of water dripping from your roof. The professional uses a high-quality flashlight to spot the leak and fix it from its origin. 

In addition, the roofer puts a nail to make a hole at the leaking position. Thus, it redirects the water in one path, allowing the roofer to collect all the water from the other side. Although the professional has all the tools available, be a helping hand by providing a large bucket to catch the water. 

Patching the Leak 

Patching the leak requires the professional to use shingle or plywood and roofing tar. The roofer marks the area with chalk. Likewise, they use a scrapper to cover the tar on the hole and the inside area of the roof. This step is crucial for creating a proper seal.  

Once done, the professional places the plywood or shingle onto the tar and uses more tart to seal it around the patch corners. Besides, the roofer covers the leaking area with caulk utilizing a scraper. 

Using a Plastic Covering 

The roofer takes all the measurements before using a plastic cover to repair a leaking roof from the inside. Many people use four feet polyethylene rolls, while others use eight feet 2×4 of plastic to completely cover the roof. 

It is crucial to cut the plastic lengthwise. Open the rolls and cut them properly to cover the ridge to the eave. The roofer usually uses a quality knife to make accurate cuts. In addition, the professional uses a staple gun to attach the eight feet 2×4 pieces to the wood. 

The roofer then takes the second piece of 2×4 and places the plastic between them. The next step requires the technician to put together the 2×4 pieces using a nail. The roofer repeats the procedure for the other part of the plastic covering. 

Once done, it is time to cover the roof with plastic. The roofer accesses the rooftop and places the cover on the roof. A professional roofer always ensures setting one pair of the pieces over the rooftop and stretches the remaining ones to make them go down to the roof. Lastly, if your roof is leaking from the inside, don’t hesitate to call us today!





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