How to remove roof tiles

How to remove roof tiles

Although roof tiles are durable and long-lasting with 40-50 years of lifespan, sometimes, they require replacement. The primary purpose of roof tiles is to protect the inner side of the roof. However, roof tiles require removal and replacement with new ones when problems occur. 

High winds, severe snow, fallen debris, and other environmental factors can damage roof tiles. Likewise, delaying the removal of broken or cracked tiles can worsen the problem and lead to irreparable damages. 

Although removing a roof tile is not a daunting task, it can pose safety risks because you have to work at height. That’s why it is essential to wear safety gear or hire a professional roofer to get the job done efficiently, safely, and quickly. 

Removing Roof Tiles 

Expert roofers argue that it is challenging to nail a broken or slipped tile back into position due to hidden fixing nails behind the tile’s bottom edge. That’s why it is crucial to remove the tile adequately and install the new one securely using a clip, also known as a tingle. Here is the step-by-step process to remove and replace roof tiles. Keep reading! 

Step 1: 

The first step is to remove the cracked or broken tile, requiring you to slide the tile downward. Make sure you slide it down gently to prevent further complications. The purpose is to avoid disturbing the overlapping tiles. 

Besides, use pliers to remove the old nails from the batten. Use a bolster or cold chisel to cut them off flush if you find it challenging. That way, you can streamline the tile removal process. 

Step 2:

The second step is attaching the clip to the batten between the gaps in the two slates. Use a galvanised nail of 25mm from the end to fix it into the batten. That way, the short side will run horizontally and the long-edge vertically down. 

Next, slide the new tile into the position correctly to ensure it sits on the new clip. Make sure you flip the clip’s bottom end over the tile to complete the repair adequately without any problems.  

Step 3: 

If you have non-nailed roof tiles, they are easy to remove because these tiles are not nailed to the battens of your roof. Instead, nibs hold these tiles firm. These nibs protrude from the top edge. 

We recommend tilting the tiles upward above the broken one to achieve enough space to free the broken tiles’ remnants from the batten. You can use a small wedge underneath the tile to hold it in place. That way, you can slide the tile in the position below to achieve accurate replacement. 

Step 4: 

The last step requires you to hook the nibs over the timber batten securely. Once done, you can ease the tile above back to its original position. However, the nibs must stay hooked over the batten. Next, remove the wedges from the tiles. 



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