How to paint a tiled roof

How to paint a tiled roof

Roof tiles are manufactured from cement or clay. However, cement tiles are more commonly used for roofing. Research shows that roof tiles made of cement are highly vulnerable to carbonation, a reaction that occurs in the atmosphere, leading to the formation of carbonic acid. 

Although carbonic is a weak acid, it extracts the cement from the tiles’ surface and creates a friable and fragile layer. The situation worsens over time and damages the roof tiles. While clay tiles do not undergo this issue, they are highly porous with deteriorated paint film curing. Here is how you can paint a tiled roof repairs brighton. Read on! 

Prepare the Surface 

Surface preparation is the first essential step in carrying out the painting project. Without preparing the surface, you can’t paint the tiled roof adequately. The primary objective of surface preparation is to ensure a durable surface bond before applying paint. 

So, start the process by washing the surface using water. Make sure you use a quality brush to remove loosely bound sand particles, dirt, and dust because these pollutants do not adhere to paint coatings. You can also use a high-pressure water jet for thorough cleaning. 

Use clean water to rinse the roof and leave it for some time to dry out. Besides, use a moisture metre to measure the moisture content and ensure it is below 15% on the scale. Next, you need to check the adhesion of the existing paint using adhesive tape. 

For example, you can use masking tape on the dry surface to check the adhesion. Pull the tape off the roof surface and check its underside. Consider the following factors to determine whether the surface is ready for the application of paint. 

  • The surface is ready for painting if there is no coating of paint on the tape 
  • Apply a quality bonding if you see the surface has a powdery layer 
  • Rewash the surface if you see there are leftover sand particles or dust 
  • Strip the surface if you notice the paint coating has come off and repeat the cleaning process 

Apply the Paint 

Once you have prepared the surface, it is time to apply the paint using wool or synthetic roller, brush, or airless spray. We recommend the application of two coats to achieve a high-quality and durable finish. Ensure the first coat is allowed to cure and dry before applying the second coat. 

Avoid applying paint if the weather conditions are not favourable. If you are painting the tiled roof in summer, we recommend starting the process at 8:00 AM. On the other hand, you can start applying the paint at 10:00 AM during the winter to ensure the roof is not cold or damp.

Moreover, use high-quality and 100% pure acrylic paint to achieve a protective and long-lasting finish for fibre cement and concrete roof tiles. Acrylic paint is durable and excellent weather-resistant properties. Hire a professional contractor to complete the project efficiently and quickly. 





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