How to calculate roof pitch in degrees

How to calculate roof pitch in degrees

Calculating the roof pitch in degrees is a step-by-step process. A pitched roof has slopes running downward. It usually has two parts at an angle from the central ridge. Sometimes, the roof pitched has one part running from one edge to another.

The roof’s pitch is vertical rise divided by the horizontal space. Calculating the roof pitch allows you to measure its steepness. Many houses in Australia feature a roof where the two rafters fit symmetrically and meet at the top.

The area is known as the ridge or apex. Pitched roofs come in different sizes and shapes, from simple and small structures to complex and grandiose ones. If you have worked in the construction sector, you would probably know how to calculate the roof’s pitch. 

However, if you don’t know how to calculate the roof’s pitch in degrees, then this article is for you. The calculation is essential when you want to replace the roof covering. Likewise, it becomes crucial when installing a brand new roof window. Here is how you can perform the calculations. Read on!

Calculating Roof Pitch in Degrees 

There are numerous ways to calculate or measure the roof’s pitch. You will need a few tools to get the job done, such as the measuring tape, spirit level, and calculator. Access the loft space to take measurements using these tools. 

The process starts with measuring the run of your roof, which is the horizontal length spanning between the wall and peak of your roof. Use a tape measure or spirit level to perform the task adequately. 

The next step is to determine the rise, which is the apex’s height above the wall structure. Once you have measured the run and rise, it is time to divide the rise by the run. The purpose is to achieve the roof’s tangent. The formula for this is:

Tangent = Rise / Run

Once you have calculated the tangent, divide 1.0 by tangent using your calculator. Moreover, multiply the result by 180/pie to get the final value. The formula for calculating the roof’s pitch is: 

Roof Pitch = (1 / Tangent (Rise / Run)) x 180/pie

Final Words 

The pitch of your roof offers a wide range of benefits, including the prevention of water from pooling on the roof’s surface and reducing the risk of leaks. Besides, it allows for additional space in your home, depending on the roof pitch. For example, a high-pitched roof creates a lot of room for your attic. 

Calculating the roof pitch is not easy if you don’t know how to take the measurements and perform calculations using the mathematical formula. Although there are several ways to calculate the roof’s pitch, this article gives you a simple method to measure the roof’s pitch in degrees. Follow the method above to achieve your goals, such as determining the feasibility of extensions or replacing tiles professionally. 




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