How much does roof restoration cost

How much does roof restoration cost

Roof restoration is a large project that requires the roofer to clean, repair, and repaint the roof. The primary objective of roof restoration is to prolong its overall lifespan and maintain its structure and function. Roof restoration is relatively inexpensive than the replacement project. 

Research shows that a roof experiences various damages, resulting from higher moisture levels, cracks, holes, punctures, loosen or broken shingles, ponding water, and structural irregularities that occur over time. You can repair your roof to fix minor problems. However, if the damages are irreparable, it is better to restore your roof. 

Keep in mind that roof restoration is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) project because it requires careful planning, preparation, safety measurements, and the skills of a professional roofing contractor. Depending on your roof type, the restoration project may involve tiles or sheets replacement, roof realignment, resealing, repainting, or repointing. Read on! 

Cost of Roof Restoration 

The cost of roof restoration varies from company to company. The restoration project will cost relatively less if you have a small roof. Remember, the cost per square metre is an excellent option for homeowners with larger roofs because this allows them to save money. 

The average cost for a small roof is between AUD 28 and AUD 38 per square metre. Likewise, it is AUD 22 and AUD 28 for a medium-sized roof and AUD 17 to AUD 22 for a large roof. Various factors affect the cost of roof restoration. Let us discuss these elements. 

Factors Affecting the Cost of Roof Restoration 

The most common factors affecting the roof restoration project are the type of material being used for the replacement, the roof system’s materials, the time of completion, labour, and the number of roof penetrations. 

Many people replace their roofs due to the problems caused by algae and mould growth. Remember, roof replacement can cost a lot of money, especially if you are on a budget. The good news is that you can perform roof restoration to restore your tiled, shingled, or metal roof, making it appear new and increasing your home’s resale value. 

The amount of money you can save depends on numerous factors, such as the contractor’s hourly or per square metre charges, the amount of work required, and completion time. Make sure you get and compare quotes from different contractors. The purpose is to choose a company that offers quality services at affordable prices. 

The average cost of roof cleaning is between AUD 250 and AUD 500. Likewise, if you want to carry out a spot repair project, expect to pay between AUD 200 and AUD 500. Remember, this primarily depends on the size of the problem. 

Moreover, the cost of metal roof repairs is between AUD 48 and AUD 58 per square metre. If you have a tiled roof and want to restore it by just performing repairs, the contractor will charge you an average of AUD 55 to AUD 65 per square metre. 

On the other hand, complete roof restoration costs are between AUD 2,500 and AUD 3,000 for an average-sized home. Lastly, the average cost of roof restoration of a tiled roof is between AUD 4,500 and AUD 11,000 for a large roof. 




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