How long does a roof restoration last?

How long does a roof restoration last?

Roof restoration involves thoroughly cleaning the roof with a high-pressure spray to remove algae, mould, mildew, moss, and grime. It also involves repairing the damaged roof or components, including cracked and broken tiles, replacing metal sheets, rebidding, and repointing. Roof restoration is an excellent way to fix leaks. 

Although the lifespan of roof restoration depends on the quality of the work, the average life is between 10 and 15 years. The roof coating remains on the ridge capping and tiles after 15 years and only requires repointing. Remember, your roof will function properly when the coating remains on the tiles. 

However, when the glaze erodes, the underneath coating will oxidise and become chalky. Therefore, hiring a professional roofer to remove the oxidised coating is essential. At the same time, removing dirt, dust, and grit from the surface is also important to ensure the roof restoration lasts for at least ten years. 

Moreover, after ten years, you may notice the mortar breaks down and cause cracks in the roof. Bear in mind that this is one of the most significant problems that lead to leaks and other complications. So, if you put off repointing, you may need rebidding of your ridge capping. Various factors determine the lifespan of a roof restoration, such as: 


If you want to make your roof restoration project long-lasting, make sure you perform regular cleaning and bi-annual or annual maintenance. Cleaning the roof involves removing the dirt, dust, debris, and peeling paint. 

If you notice any damage on the tile surface, it will interfere with the adhesion of the roof and cause the paint to lift or peel. Hiring a professional roof maintenance service is essential. The professional uses different tools, including a water blaster, to clean the roof. Likewise, a whirl-away tool is vital for cleaning roof tiles. 

Product Application

Using the right product application is directly proportional to long-lasting roof restoration. A professional roofer considers various elements when applying the product. These include the gun’s angle, tip size, and the amount of product applied. These factors determine the longevity of the roof restoration. 

You have not applied the product correctly if you experience warranty issues. Not using the product to the roof adequately can void the manufacturer’s warranty. That’s why we recommend hiring a professional roofing contractor to ensure the roof restoration lasts for a long time without voiding the warranty. 

Quality Products

Using low-quality products can quickly deteriorate the condition of your roof. Even if you perform regular maintenance, your roof restoration won’t last for a long time due to low-quality products. 

So, this results in quickly fading paint, lifting or peeling of paint, broken ridge capping, and other complications. Although you can save money on using cheaper products, it will cost you more in the long run. 

Therefore, we recommend using high-quality products and tools when performing roof restoration to ensure the durability and longevity of your roof. Make sure you hire a professional roof restoration company or service to achieve your goals. 




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